Animal lovers unite

Animal lovers unite

We love our furry family members. Yes, they are not pets to us they are family members. Dogs, cats, chickens, cows, horses or the occasional rodent all possess the ability to bring great joy into our lives. 

The animals in our lives are the bosses of us. Yes, they depend on us to provide them with the basic needs of life but really our pets provide us with true purpose in

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Gunther: Lab/Mastif (featured image)

About 5.5 years old, Gunther lives with George's family in Victor, Id. We adopted him from a neighboring community so don't know exact age. He's the biggest lap dog know-to-man (currently 95 lbs.). Just learned to swim and now tries to any second he can (we figure he grew up on a farm that didn't have any water on it). Ball is life!


Bill: Beagle/Hound

Lives with Tom and Stella in Alabama. We rescued Bill from a Arkansas pound that a friend of Stella's helps support. When we brought Bill into our lives, he had two torn ACLs but that hasn't slowed him down. Alittle older now probably around 14 yrs old, he still patrols the farm daily to make sure no groundhogs infiltrate his perimeter. Loves to eat and howl. He is the King of Stella and Tom's house.

(Bill has a impressive "side-eye")

The Lions: Charlie, Jackson, and Bosley

The Charlie's Angels live with Tom and Stella. Stella was a fan of the Angels back in the day. Charlie the largest of the 3 brothers is the Alpha but is also the most personable. Jackson likes to keep to himself, usually finds a nice quiet place to rest. Bosley is constantly hunting in the yard with Charley and trying to figure out how to get away from Daisy.

Cats & Dogs

(The Lions, Skittles, Bill, and Biscuit. Biscuit was another Beagle hound dog that was recued near Greensboro, AL. She was the definition of a survivor.)

Pepper: Cattle Dog Mix

Pepper (Pep) is around 3 years old and lives with Gunther near Jackson Hole, Wy. Like Gunther, she also was rescued from a neighboring town. (George's wife, Jenna, works at the Jackson Hole Animal Adoption Center hints the dog rescues.) She is constantly hunting for whatever she can find but loves to (try and catch) squirrels and field mice. Pepper has a constant motor which needs to be exercised daily multiple times a day.

Sally Lue: Chocolate Lab

Lue used to be the youngster of the pack until Daisy showed up. She is a sweetheart. Small bodied bird dog that has the best facial expressions I have ever scene. When she's not in the water swimming in circles, she's begging for someone to play fetch. At about 4 years old she is a wonderful bird dog that loves it when Tom knocks ducks out of the sky.

Daisy Mai - Blue Tick Hound

Now this dog is WILD...Daisy is the newest member of the pack, much to all the dogs' dismay. Daisy was found at the entrance to the family farm by Stella while she was picking wild flowers for a party Stella was getting ready to throw. Daisy walked out of nowhere and stumbled upon the right person. Stella has a hard time turning the other way when a stray dog is in need. It has taken awhile but Daisy has found a place among the pack.