September 04, 2018

It all started back in the 80s. My husband and I, moved from Atlanta, Ga to Hong Kong and a whole new world opened up to me. I instantly fell in love with all things Asian - the people, the food, the arts and artisans and the opportunities to become whatever you want to become. All activities surrounded shopping in Hong Kong and in the early 80s shopping was sightseeing. After setting up my new house in HK and having a baby in Hong Kong, I knew where to find the bargains of Hong Kong so a new friend and I started Temptations Shopping Consultants that chauffeured visitors to the best places to find antiques, jewelry, clothes etc. This is where my love for the manufacturing world began; I found the source for raw materials. From the raw goods to the final product, the process was exciting to learn. 

To this day, the most exciting part of my job is still to travel overseas and work with the individuals that help my business prosper. 

Double Tree by Hilton Xiamen-Haicang

(Picture from my favorite hotel room/office at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Xiamen)

I feel very fortunate to have found a factory owner who is a Chinese American. He grew up in Houston Texas, went to college at Texas A&M ( I wont hold that against him ….Roll Tide) and moved back to his parents home country 15 years ago to make his fortune.  Mike Li, the factory owner is extremely generous and a pleasure to work with and naturally understands American tastes and expectations ---- and exceeds them. 

This other picture is of me and my Chinese agent, Wai Ming Sung. A true friend of mine that I've gotten to know over the past two decades. She grew up in Hong Kong but went to boarding school in Massachusetts and college at Cornell (no dummy!!!)  Tom and I were privileged to be invited to her wedding in Hong Kong several years ago and she and I have traveled all over China and India together. I treasure her friendship. 


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